“What is Camouflage for?” is the first question popping in my head. As I read the text, "According to Charles Darwin's 1859 theory of natural selection, features such as camouflage evolved by providing individual animals with a reproductive advantage, enabling them to learn more offspring, on average......", I was inspired by it and thus went deeper with the logic of the text into another explanation which is that “in order to produce more offspring, camouflage gives them higher possibility to survive.”

Then, it comes to the second one, “Why do people go into the nature?” We, as human beings, have to solve tons of problems during the process between birth and death. Once we didn’t manage to deal with any of them anymore, the death comes. Thus, we just keep solving problems in life in order to survive. However, the nature itself has already given out all the solutions and we just fail to perceive it directly, but we still instinctively approach the nature, until one day we finally get the answer from it unconsciously. Hence, I come to a conclusion that people go into the nature in order to find solutions to survive.

By juxtaposing the answers to first two questions came into my mind, I found something similar between them, which is “To survive, animals are born with camouflage. To survive, people go into the nature to find solutions.” Basing on this juxtaposition, I take the act of people going into the nature as a certain kind of camouflage. Starting with this, I try to create something to make people aware of their unconscious intention of going into the nature.

Lake is always taken as all kinds of metaphors, not only because its peacefulness that reflect what we’ve been longing for but also its deepness that no matter how much emotion we throw into it,  the lake always take it unconditionally. Thus, in order to create a work that can provoke something hidden in people’s mind, I decide to place it along the lake, which is the proper spot for people to stop by, and think more during the trip in the nature.

In classical mythology, the color of the poppy signifies a promise of resurrection after death. Inspired by this metaphor, I interpret the poppy into the infinite circulation of lives. To begin with it, I tried to imitate the life process of poppy to express my concept. With the dried poppy seed pod lying on the side of the lake, and all its scarlet petals slowly blending into the lake, the image depicts how we live toward death. As for the seeds floating, they represent the essence of life, which are the very answers we‘ve been striving for through lives.



Student :
Chien Pei Chuang
Year :
Duration :
4 weeks