The structure has no title yet and may never gain one. It was created for the summer course in 2018 in Notodden with the theme Camouflage. The shape of the piece resembles a pinecone colored with birch bark and is placed in an aria with pine trees that is visible from some paths. The idea of the structure is to make people want to look more up from the ground when walking, given that its that we usually do when walking in a forest. The resemblance to a pinecone might make them look up at the trees and make them wonder why its there.

The structure was made with a welded steel base to form a pinecone like shape and is covered with birch bark bits, that are sewn on using a needle and a basic white string. The bottom of the structure is mounted to a recycled office chair found in the aria. This means that the piece can be turned around.

Student :
Silje Norin Gulliksen
Year :
Duration :
4 weeks