Portal of Dreams

I came to Notodden with a dream. A dream about learning something new and meet new people. I did bouth. In addition I got the opportunity to explore myself and live my kreative dream for once – away from everyday life and commitments.

I live close to nature, bouth mountains and sea, and I really love to walk mountains and enjoy the view from the top. I also like the forest. Especially birch trees. My site in the forest is a gorgeous spot that combines these things: walk in the foest, trees and the feeling of standing on a mountain top with a wide view. You can see the top Himingen from here – a pointed mountain top unlike the rest of the landscape. It had to be here!

Tim Norris inspires me with his large-scale outdoor sculptural works where he uses a combination of furniture and sculpture. Like him, I wanted to use natural material in combination with engineered parts. I allso wanted to use the surrounding landscape and history of Telemark in my work and create an invironment for the public to enjoy and relax.

Notodden was a a hub for travellers and a trade senter due to forestry and agriculture. The water way made it possible to transport goods, such as timber, and produce waterpower.

 My work is based on how they sorted the timber in a fan formation on the water. Instead of putting the fan on the water, I rised it up like a tree. I have use metal and stone from the area. To give my sculpture a greater depth and three dimensional form I made it wider on the top than the bottom. Like a tree and its tree crown. The branches does not grow out past the main shape but is held in place like the timber strictly sorted in the original fan. This way the round shaped metal can be seen as branches or the mountain formations in the background. It depends on the eye that looks.An installation this size need a proper foundation. It is important for me that my art work will stand for a long time and that it looks as integrated as possible. Therefore I had to process the ground where I wanted my work to stand. I molded two foundations and used granite from the area to build a stone patio under/around. By moving some vegetation back I made it look more integrated than arranged.

Anyhow I want my art work to represent a place where people can experiance relaxation and just enjoy the surroundings. For me it means to sit down and look at the mountain Himingen through my Portal of Dreams and maybe think about what my next goal is;-)

Student :
Mona Elisabeth Gjellestad
Year :
Duration :
4 weeks