Nest for Human

My concept is “nest for human”.

Each Creature on the earth has
their own inhabitances. What
about humans? Of course, we live
in house as well. But I don’t think
its function is same as that of
animals. Architect is too big for
our body. If you see house for
animals, they suit for their size of body. This is because all they need to do is eating, sleeping, raising up children, basically. But I can’t say same thing for us. We also do different activity except them.

Imagine that we were born in the nature like other animals. We don’t have to do a lot of things except basic one. Then, What happens for our “nest”?

Relationship between camouflage and nest
Birds make their nest by gathering blanches. And it is hard to being seen

from enemies. Many other’s have this kind of techniques. So I associate that there are predators against human. Then, We have to hide ourselves from them.

Under the ground, in the water, in the bushes...

Animals have suitable place for living. Birds fly in
the sky, and put their nest on the top of tree. I was
thinking that where I want to live in if we have to be
in the forest. We can swim, climb but not flying.
Even they are hard for us. As usual, We walk on the
ground. So I decided to put mine as close our range of
moving as possible. Then I found this place, which is gap between two trees.

When I design my nest I started thinking about our posture when we are relaxed. Probably Sitting or lying is the best for us. So I drew human’s body shape in this gap. If I fill up with blanches along body shape, many curves will show up. And Birch have white surface and black horizontal line on it originally. If these two kind of line are matched together, it can be camouflage.

After drawing and making model, I begun to cut human’s body shape by

boad. Along this shape, bended six metal and got together them by using many sticks. This is my first wire flame. Second one is for making it stronger by putting underneath. There are two flames. Brought to the place, fixed flames and trees by wire. In the end, I put a lot of branches.

Student :
Chiharu Yamaguchi
Year :
Duration :
4 weeks