A Dandelion´s Growth

As we were given a topic for this project – growth,  I was thinking about what represents growth the most for me in nature.  It didn’t take me long to realize that it was dandelion. The life cycle and the way of spreading seeds is very iconic, simple and beautiful.

I remember how much joy it brought me to blow a head of a dandelion when I was a child and it still does. That’s kind of a feeling I believe one should experience when growing as a person as well. Like when you learn something new or get higher position in your work or just open up more and get all these new feelings and emotions, you should feel the joy of growth.

Other reason why I chose dandelion is because the way of spreading the seeds – travelling freely, being moved by the wind and ending up in random places and I think anyone who travels and see new places, meet new people and experience new things will experience a personal growth. So in a way by travelling we are kind of spreading our seeds which in the end shape us and create our new identity.




Student :
Dominika Buckova
Year :
Duration :
summer course