I made my artwork using the technique of Japanese ceder ball production in Japan. I used branches of pine for main material because I can get these enough here.

At first, I made metal frame, then I installed it in the forest. The location is under the trees. Then I collected a lot of branches of pine that was cut into 40cm, and inserted these to the metal frame without a gap. When I finished inserted all, I was trimming it.

In Japan, since ancient times it is said that specters will come out in the forest at night. Daytime forest is the human world, but night forest is the specter world. So, This artwork is moving around the forest at night, and when morning comes it is returned to the original location. When people see this work in the daytime, it is a state that has stopped. The forest is HABITAT for this artwork. Eventually when the time is passed, it will be also HABITAT of the small creatures of the forest.

Student :
Kazue Kono
Year :
Duration :
summer course