Forest Stools

This piece is made with the ideals of recycling, rebirth and simplicity. The idea was conceived as a simple yet effective artwork that draws in not only those that are interested in art, but also those that are not interested in art at all. I have tried to keep it as playful as possible in order to draw an audience that normally would be bored by art, by keeping the original materials spinning and moving capabilities intact.

These three mushrooms were originally three office chairs that were donated, and then breathed new life into by changing them.

What is important to remember, is that this is not just an artwork for viewing pleasure, but also to touch and sit upon. I have tried to invite such activities through the artwork as much as possible.

The objects final placement is somewhere where the audience will see it in the distance, in between branches and trees, where one would find mushrooms growing in the wild; it will beckon the audience to adventure a bit, to come closer to look upon it.

Student :
Christopher Steen
Year :
Duration :
summer course